Friday, August 22, 2008

The Way We Live Now

Well, most of you must know, "surely you must know", I am in love with period movies. A while back, before I started blogging, I ran across a BBC miniseries called The Way We Live Now and discovered a gem. It boasts an amazing cast: Mathew McFadyen (in a very un-darcy role), Cillian Murphy (the whole reason I wanted to rent this, *grrrrrrroooooowwwwwwlllll*, which is probably weird of me), Miranda Otto, and that guy who was Rogue Riderhood in Our Mutual Friend (Jen, Lindsay, and Heather will remember that). McFadyen was a revelation for me in this. Of course I loved him in 2005 P&P, but he is truly truly talented. He plays Felix in this, who goes after a rich introverted and socially akward girl in order to help his family's financial situation. And, he's hilarious as a drunk! I could only find one usable clip on youtube. It's between Cillian Murphy and Miranda Otto. They were once engaged, but she never showed up when they were supposed to meet up a couple years back. He figured it was off and wrote to ask her to officially release him (he didn't say, but had fallen in love with another woman). So, what does she do? Go all the way to London to face him. The library has it and I would highly recommend watching it!

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