Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Breaking Dawn" book club

Well, my neighborhood book club held the meeting for "Breaking Dawn" that was of course a blast. Always fun to chat about that story. I decided that Bella and Edward are definitely one of my favorite literary couples. And I felt that "Breaking Dawn" (which is my favorite book of the series) finally showed me, at least, who Bella and Edward are as a couple. I finally felt I got a sense of their relationship especially in the last half. So many great moments in this book and I loved the little funny moments. *** Spoilers*** The honeymoon: hyperventilating on the bathroom floor, biting pillows, breaking bed frames; drinking blood; wanting to throw the book across the room when Jacob was narrating, wishing he would grow up!; indecent proposals; surprise imprinting, well really beyond surprise; Bella becoming a vampire is where the book gets the absolute best for me: Oops, entwined in a way not appropriate in company, that was graceful even for a vampire, dress shredding due to hunting large prey, you stupid mutt!, the cottage, epiphany of unnecessary "human moments" leaving time for much better activity, crushing the rock, bella being a major player, and of course of course of course, the last two pages where Edward gets to see Bella's thoughts and can't concentrate - "damn it!" :) *** END OF SPOILERS*** Then we took a picture to send in for the video to support Stephenie Meyer who deserves better than what she's gotten from her "fans" and "trusted friends". I did try and take out as much red eye as possible, but what can you do? I guess it's somewhat appropriate ;)

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Jillinda said...

Oh I so wish I could have been there! It makes me so sad about Midnight Sun. I almost started to cry. Okay maybe I am too involved. :) I am not sure I want to read the 12 chapters that are out there.