Saturday, November 26, 2011

Need a gift for a boy 9-14 years old?

If you are trying to find a gift for a boy late elementary to jr high age, check out my review of Noah Zarc by D Robert Pease over at The Crooked Word. It's a space/time-traveling adventure and would be a perfect gift.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have many moments where later I think, "Der! That was stupid." But, they are usually only a couple hours delay between the incident and the realization. This example brought to you by the letter "x" took a good 8 years.

I'm not going to announce my email address, but it is through Haven't heard of that? I'm sure you haven't, it's been my parent's isp for the last decade and I have kept it after moving out because, well because I'm lazy. So, here's my "Der" moment:

Realizing, for the first time, when giving my email address of to a cute clerk at a store that it kind of seems like a stripper email.... Oops.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

You SERIOUSLY have to check out this website...

Or, maybe you've heard of it before? I'm always behind on this stuff. It's called "DearBlank, pleaseblank." It's funny, fictional short letters that anyone can post. Check it out here!

Here are some funny ones that I saw just looking at it for 5 minutes:

Dear neighbor,
You have curtains, use them.

Dear male teacher who gives detention for spending more than three minutes in the bathroom,
Have you ever timed yourself putting in a tampon and changing a pad?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thank-you Mr. D.S. for the topic of a blog post rant :)

One of the things I enjoy about facebook is the opportunity it affords to have interesting conversations with people of differing views regarding current events, politics, hot-button issues in general, etc. Maybe a friend posts a link to an article such as this one, which starts a little bit of a debate amongst the FB friends. Now, most of them, despite very different opinions, are able to present their arguments in a level-headed and perhaps slightly teasing manner. I enjoy these and find it refreshing to see smart people of different ideologies debate what they think about certain subjects and why.
Then you come across a comment from someone (referenced in the title as DS) that says " I just like the unbiased news sources like KSL and the desert news. They report about democrats all day, but when sh** that the republicans pull every second of everyday they commend the b*****ds. People like Gary Herbert can pull every disgusting deal under the sun but you won't hear about it from the mormon news media. Or Chris Butters, lets give the racist a**hole a standing ovation. The list goes on and on. That's the problem with the tithing funded conservative nonsense that goes on in this state and the mindless "followers of Christ" eat it up like the deseret news is preaching the word of god. What a load of sh**. Not only is the deseret news clearly biased and insulting to anyone's intelligence, its also poorly written." (* added by yours truly).
Okay, whatever. Some people get a little hot headed - especially when it comes to politics and religion where there is a predominant religion.
My comment, verbatim right below his was "That is more than disturbing! To try to use a fictitious pen name is one thing, but to use a picture of a real person! And, the fact that he hasn't even apologized is soooooooo typical of politicians! Republican and Democrat. I understand that he was trying to do something good, but that is at the top of a very slippery slope of comprimising ethics for the "greater good" that should be left untraveled. And, Mr. DS, let's face it, herd-minded mentality is found in any and all religious and secular groups, not just LDS. We don't come close to holding a monopoly on that corner!"
I was tempted to add a disparaging comment, but chose to refrain (*pats herself on the back*) :)
Within minutes he replied (to my very restrained rebuff):
"haha, that's laughable! I guess you are justifying your lack of decision making capabilities as an lds person then Ms. Aroura Wench Sh**(Clever play on my last name, no?)? At least you admit that you are unable to think on your own. Which I can't understand, because Joseph Smith said that God gave us brains to use for a reason? Mayor winder who I think is poor representative anyway, couldn't be tried for any criminal offense. Identity theft as a crime would require him to have stolen and used his identity for financial gain. He could be charged with libel, but unless some one is going to go after every fake profile in the social media universe, I highly doubt its worth the time, money and energy of the legal system."
Where's my lack of decision? I never said he should be criminally prosecuted, I said it was typical of politicians to not take responsibility for their own actions. And I never admitted I couldn't think on my own, I only conceded that though there are some LDS who follow the strongest voice, those kinds of people exist everywhere.
Now, let me say, this post would not exist if the personal attacks had ended here. I am not one for mocking others, but this previous comment was deleted by our mutual FB friend with a comment that rudeness and swearing would not be tolerated on her wall, though DS was more than welcome to repost his thoughts minus the personal attack.
Within A MINUTE of this occurence, I received the following message sent to me personally:
"Somebody must have stolen your husbands identity. hope you get an apology.


Seriously? I felt it necessary to post a reply and with it I'll end, because I feel like it sums up my personal views on being able to have civil discussions with those of opposing views:

"Wow. The fact that you can't handle a very cordial disagreement with your philosophies in life shows a complete lack of intillectual integrity. Do you even believe in the validity of your own word vomit? Because I can see no other reason to be so incredibly hostile to a complete stranger who never insulted you. I wasn't implying you were of a herd-minded mentality. But, is this clarification wasted on someone who is looking for opportunity to take offense? I didn't know if this mayor was R or D. And YOU don't even know if I'm one or the other, either. Your arguments will never be given credence if you can't control your emotional diarrhea."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A moving story of strength

Everyone I know who has read this book absolutely loves it! Go check out my review over at The Crooked Word!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If I could only have this serenade every night...

The song doesn't start until 3:15, just forward to there because Douglas Sills has an inhumanly good voice. mmmmmmm.... yum :)