Sunday, August 24, 2008

"North and South"

Several months ago I discovered, if not THE best, then one of the best period movies ever! It's a bold statement, but "North and South" deserves it. It's about 4 hours long (it was a BBC miniseries). I own it if you'd like to get on my waiting list to borrow it :) This is one of those few movies where I'd recommend it to everyone. Seriously, everyone I've lent it to so far absolutely loves it. Ethan is my "Mr. Thornton" for sure - perfect combination of manly and sensitive. Let me know if you'd like to borrow it, you know you want to. The above is a short trailer (only 2mn) so you don't have to gamble 4 hours to know if you'd like it.

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Jenny and Mark said...

Love it! Thanks for recommending it and letting be borrow it. I have my mom and sisters watching it now. I guess I better put The Way We Live Now on hold at the library next.