Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is Tay's favorite dance to watch on Youtube. She seems to be a big fan of Cyd Charisse ('cause she has good taste like her mommy!). She also likes the dance scene from "Singing in the Rain" when Ms. Charisse is in the green dress. As a side note, my high school friends can attest to this, I always wanted to be that "chick in the green dress" from that movie! That was the most awesome part in my mind (my second choice would have been Leena "An' I can' stand 'im!") Anyway, Tays could watch this dance multiple times a day and is enraptured during the whole thing (as you can see in the pic). And I've noticed I'm a big fan of parentheses! Go parentheses! You rock! (um, yeah, I only had like 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night)
Edit: For those who might not be familiar with Cyd Charisse, she is in the blue dress in this dance

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