Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Midnight Sun"

I feel terrible for Stephenie Meyer! If you haven't heard yet, someone she had entrusted with a copy of her unfinished "Midnight Sun" leaked it onto the internet where it was then spread around. She has put it on hold indefinitely saying were she to finish it in her current mood, she might just have James win and kill and the Cullens. She also stated that she doesn't want her fans to have to be tempted into being dishonest (i.e. looking up an illegally posted copy) and so has posted the copy on her own website. As fun as it was to read what she has written so far, I would much prefer the wait for an actual printed copy. But, here is the link to the unfinished manuscript of what she has written thus far (be warned, it stops right before the meadow). You'll have to scroll down through her message and click on "Midnight Sun Partial Draft" to view it in Adobe Acrobat.

Twilight Lexicon has some suggestions on how to show our support. They are as follows:

Post this banner for your MySpaces, Blogs, LiveJournals, website sigs etc.

Write a letter to Stephenie at
Stephenie Meyer
c/o Author Mail Little, Brown and Company
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Participate in a "We support Stephenie Meyer" video. All you have to do is send a picture of yourself showing support to and put "VIDEO" in the subject line. Be creative with your show of support, but make sure it is a still photograph and not an actual video. We will take the photos and make them into a video that will later be posted on You Tube.

For those of you graphics people who want to do something, we have another idea. We are going to make a virtual quilt. Send a 200 X 200 support graphic to and we will work it into a virtual support quilt. Make sure you put "QUILT" in the subject line.

On Saturday Sept. 13, in honor of Bella’s birthday, wear a twilight themed t-shirt to show your love of the series. If you work or have other obligations that won’t allow you to wear a Twilight shirt, wear all black, white, and red to show your support.

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