Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rowan Atkinson fest

I've been watching "Black Adder" episodes while I work lately. And the first little season, Atkinson plays his normal bumbling idiot (I say "normal", but he is exceptionally talented at it, if you've ever seen an episode of "Bean" you'll know what I mean). But in Black Adder II he is surprisingly suave and dare I say, sexy.

Now, be forwarned if by some chance you are thinking of going out and renting these gems, there are a few instances of witty humor (moreso in Black Adder II), but the majority of the show is filled with infantile "male" humor and bathroom humor. Which, of course, I don't find funny in the least degree (she deadpans).
While this is all interesting, it brings me to my point of posting about this (Atkinson, that is) which is to say: his stand up comedy/ sketches. I had no idea about all this unfortunately, but was delighted when a few family members started sending me stuff.
The first is a sketch where Atkinson is the Devil, but you can call him Toby. Why doesn't anyone do comedy like this anymore?

Here's one where he has to accept an acting award for an acter that he was up against:

Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese and beekeeping. To quote one of the comments on this vid: "I liked this video before I'd even seen it." It's so dumb, but I find myself laughing anyway.:

Alright and one Black Adder II clip. Content advisory: much immature bawdiness ensues here.

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