Thursday, February 10, 2011


My hubby and I just celebrated our 8 year anniversary! Wonderful patient man that he is has unfortunately been stuck with a socially akward, showtune singing, forgetful, sci-fi/fantasy nerd.
Anyhow, I thought I would do something kind of fun (and super cheap), I wrote a little poem that then led him to the first of 8 riddles that each led to a place or object in our home that held funny or sentimental memories.

I don't know why I dare post this, but be kind, I only had a day to come up with it (did I mention that he's stuck with a super procrastinator as well?):

"On this day, eight years reversed,
I boarded ship, off to traverse
through life, it's joys and pains. My eyes
bright locked on my most handsome prize.

Though yet the journey's brief, it's true
and much is yet to come. We two
have traveling on our sea of life,
Left trailing wakes already rife

With tender memories of love,
of laughter, tears. Like hand in glove
We fit. Refined and redefined
Are each, till rougher edges grind

Away, revealing all the best.
Much greater far than all the rest.
No poet could describe with pen
What he to I and I to he have been.

Some riddles I give, a few, well eight,
Our happy lives commemorate.
These riddles are by me well versed.
Why are you waiting?.... Right! The first:"

I won't share all the riddles (we are married after all), but an example is -

The last movie we saw was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. So the clue read:
"A nude scene. You kidding? Better take a quick look,
Or, you might miss the scene that was not in the book."

We have the book. (Remember? Fantasy nerd.)

Anyhow, you get the idea. Anyhow the last riddle led to where I had 8 balloons (gotta love the dollar store) with papers attached to the ends. The papers each had some thing I love about him written on them. I love that he loved it and found many of the riddles very humorous. Here's to many years yet to come!


RaCeNMoMmY said...

that's so beautiful:) You are not a nerd, you are a true romantic! and very talented. Most would be lucky to have just one of your talents. And I'm sure your hubby would beg to differ that he was stuck with you. You are a sweet, caring, talented, beautiful woman & he's very lucky to have you.

Anne said...

Congratulations! You're cruising into the mellow years now!

Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

You put me to shame.... although it isn't my anniversary, it is Valentine's Day and I barely remembered to pick up a card for my husband. Your gift ot your husband was very special. You are obviously a very intelligent, talented and creative woman and I'm sure your husband feels very lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing and making me remember what is important.