Thursday, February 3, 2011

My $3 Valentine's wreath

Did you know burlap comes in red? Isn't that just awesome! So, this isn't really an original idea, by any means - I saw it on a few of the many (MANY!) blogs I follow.
I got a yard of burlap at JoAnns, which at $1 off/yard, was only $2.00 plus tax, and cut it into 3-inch strips. Then cut a wire hanger and shaped it into as close a heart shape as I could. I took the strips of burlap and folded them like an accordian (folding every 2.5-3 inches) and one at a time poked the hanger through the middle of the folds until they covered the whole thing. And it looked like this:

Hmmmmm... I couldn't even tell it was a heart. It just looked like a big mess. So, I took it down pulled the material off and cut all the strips in half vertically (so they were only about 1.5 inches in width), then again folded them like an accordian, but the folds every inch-inch and a half. Reshaped the hanger and put the burlap back on. Then where I had to secure the hanger together (In the top middle) I wrapped burlap around that a few times to define it a bit more and ended up with this:

Markedly better, don't you think? Though I think next year, I'll use two hangers and make it a larger heart, it looks a bit small on the door.

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