Friday, May 13, 2011

"Cassandra's Dream" Review

"Two London brothers are hard-up for cash, and both have girls to look out for, too. When rich Uncle Howard comes to town and agrees to help them out, he admits his finances are under investigation, and he asks them to do him a favor and "take care of" an old business relation to keep his trouble under wraps - he says that they're family, and since he always takes care of them, the least they could do is help him out this once, as they're the only ones he can trust." (quoted from summary on IMDB)
What follows is the ethical dilemma they face and how each one handles it.

This movie is superbly written, directed, acted... everything. Why don't they make movies like this more often? It's edge of your seat suspense, but the suspense comes from wondering what the characters will do and how they will cope with it. It's smart suspense. The actor's performances are gripping, but real and never overdone, the music is so good I didn't even notice it (that's a superb score, when it adds to the mood of the moment without calling attention to itself). I've only ever seen one other Woody Allen film ("Matchpoint") which in my mind was mindlessly dull and pointless and somehow managed to get an uncharismatic performance out of Hugh Jackman (Seriously?! How do you even acheive that?). Obviously I'm no expert, but I do feel confident in saying this doesn't feel like a "Wood Allen film" at all, and that's a compliment.

This would be a good date movie because the guy would enjoy it as well. My husband did. Here's the trailer -

Seriously, rent this! It didn't get a lot of attention when it came out, but much more's the shame for that!

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Anna Jo said...

Matchpoint was awful I totally agree, but this one sounds great.