Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Inventing George Washington" review

Inventing George Washington: America's Founder, in Myth and MemoryInventing George Washington: America's Founder, in Myth and Memory by Edward G. Lengel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I was to compare this to only history books, it would earn a 5-star rating. It was interesting and very easy to read and follow, but smartly written. Basically it sets out to show the commonly-believed myths about George Washington and how they came to be.

Written by one of the main editors of the George Washington Papers project (therefore having access to ALL of Washington's papers that are still around), you gotta figure he'd know.

He doesn't set out to reveal the "true" Washington, just to reveal how these myths came to be and what they might mean.

I will give him credit that he tries to hide his disdain for the religious myths and those who originated them and those who continue to use them today; though, he's not always successful.

It's only a few hundred pages from what I remember and VERY interesting the whole time. I would highly recommend reading this!

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