Monday, December 20, 2010

The movie I am most in love with

A few years ago I was looking up music by a composer whom I love and stumbled across clips from this movie put to a song of his. It looked so beautifully shot that I decided to rent if from the Library. Then I actually bought it (which speaks volumes in and of itself considering the cheapskate that I am) and proceeded to persuade everyone I could think of to borrow it. I have watched it countless times and some have borrowed it more than once just to watch it again. As my neighbor said, "I have never wanted two people to touch so much". It's a period drama which means that it can and does acheive unparalleled sexual tension while all clothes remain on and, as you might infer from the above quotation, very little contact actually happens.
Doesn't hurt that it stars Richard Armitage. One of the best things about this mini-series is that it has epic romance, but it has so much more than that as well. All the actors are top notch (I expect no less from BBC), the music is hauntingly beautiful, well directed, great screenplay.
Unfortunately the original video that led me to this great discovery has been taken off of YouTube (*grumble grumble stupid copywright police*)so, just for you, my handful of readers, I searched endlessly to find a new one that does it justice. I skipped over all that had contemporary songs (pet peeve of mine) and found one that has a song from the movie itself. As I post this, I think I'll watch it again and drool over Mr. Thornton.
I present you with BBC's fantabulous mini-series, "North & South"


CharlieJo said...

totally just went on the librarys website and requested it. :) doesn't help that I'm number 78 on the hold list. lol. love a good mini series!

Jessi Miller said...

Looks good, we'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Carolynd1 said...

I found this dvd one day about 2 years ago at the library. I was looking for anything that was period drama. I also had to buy it as it became my favorite movie and I was constantly checking it out of the library. I am a cheapskate too. Since that day, I have been a faithful follower of Richard Armitage. He is awesome!

CharlieJo said...

yes! I will be there Wednesday. thank you! you are a gem. :) can not wait to watch it. I was dressed and ready to go to aerobics this morning...but my daughter had other plans. see you Wed!

Restoration House said...

Thanks for posting that little comercial. I watched that mini series last year and it is one of my favourites. So hard to find really good period pieces and it does seem the BBC does it best.
Have you seen the newest version of persuasion? I believe that can be seen on YouTube as well. I enjoy both new hero and heroine.
Thanks for visiting my blog tonight!
Kim :)