Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas gifts to family part I

"Magnet Game" for nephews and neice.
You know those folder games that you copy out of a book and then color, laminate, put velcro and then glue to a folder? Well, I thought, what kid doesn't like magnets? So, I decided to turn it into a portable magnet game.
I started off with a frame I got from the D.I. (it didn't have glass or backing, so I'm not sure they even charged me for it, but most of the frames there were only $1) and painted it (2 coats of white acryllic paint)

Then I bought a small sheet of galvanized metal at Home Depot (it was only $5 and I have more left over) and they were nice enough to cut the size I needed for me.

Then I mod podged some cute scrapbooking paper to it.
I copied the face onto more scrapbooking paper and traced and cut out the little pieces (i.e. antannae, ears, hair, and rectangles on collar) onto different color paper and mod podged all those on.
We have a ridiculous amount of business card magnets from when my hubby was doing real estate left over, so I copied the face pieces onto the paper I wanted and mod podged those onto the business card magnets and cut them out. (I put a layer of mod podge on top to make them a little more durable.)
Then I used a plastic cd case to stick all the pieces in and used two business card magnets to stick it to the back.
My favorite response came from my oldest nephew, who happened to be the one opening the gift, he said, "I don't know what this is, but... I LIKE IT!!!"

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