Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas gifts to family part II

The other gift my oh-so-lucky nephews and neice got is these laminated "quiet books". I looked up free printable games on the internet (word searches, mazes, dot-to-dot, matching games, and a bunch of tongue twisters for the 7-year-old) printed them off, cut them out and glued them to cardstock, then laminated them. I cut them to the same size, leaving a larger margin on the left where I then punched holes and tied it all together with ribbon.
Then, I got them a package of dry erase markers that have the eraser on the back of the marker.

Sorry for the blurriness, our camera is retarded.
Anyhow, this was for my brother and sis-in-law. She loves cooking, so I bought a herb garden starter at Home Depot, then glued on some burlap (gotta love the burlap, right?) and frayed the top and bottom, then tied some jute string and glued in place with 2 dots of hot glue.
My parents got "fire starters" for their fireplace. I'm not sure how successful these were. They had been burning a vanilla candle all day, so it was difficult to gauge how well these work.
Basically, you get corn husks from the store and some fresh herbs, spices, whatever you want.
Then run a corn husk under water briefly just so it won't break when you roll it up. Place contents that you want to in the middle and fold up the top and bottom and then sides. Finish off with some twine, or in my case (because I had so much) jute string.
The combos I used for them were: Rosemary and Sage (make sure you let them dry out at least overnight); cinnamon sticks and whole cloves; same as previous with dried orange peel; I also stuck some seeds from a vanilla bean in the previous two combos.

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