Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm sure most have seen it. So, what did you all think? I really enjoyed it. I want to see it again, now that I know what to expect. Voice overs are difficult for me sometimes and I think the special effects suffered from the budget (especially the sparkling and the moving fast), though the story is more about the characters than the special effects.
I really loved the soundtrack (awesome), I think the casting was spot on, I was surprised at how much I laughed, the contacts looked super cool - much better than I thought they would - chemistry between Kristin and Rob was great, great kissing scene, really loved Cheif Swan.
Fave funny parts:
when Bella walks into class for the first time and the fan blows her scent to Edward
Mike asking her to prom
Bella's introduction to the cullen's (esp. Edward's mortified expression)
Edward meeting Charlie officially


erin said...

I really enjoyed the movie, too. I felt like they jumped from scene to scene in the beginning. I wish they would have included a little bit more of Bella's thoughts to help the viewer know what was going on. I did love all the characters. My favorite scenes were when Bella and Edward show up at school as a couple for the first time. And the baseball scene (plus I love the song they used during the game, I'm sure Stephanie was happy Muse is on the soundtrack.) I'm excited for the next movie!

Carrie said...

ya, i really loved charlie too, i did not expect him to be so funny. i loved the movie and i would TOTALLY go see it again! thumbs up from me

Cort,Jamie&kids said...

I loved it! I too loved the baseball game and everything after that. Once Edward rescued Bella in the city that's when I thought it got good!! They both just seemed to come alive after that. I will definitely be going again.

Tiff said...

I had a lot of mixed feelings. Some disappointment because of the quick meadow scene and hardly any development of the love story. I was disappointed with Bella's acting. I loved the Cullen's and everything else was pretty good. I would really like to see it again because I know what to expect now. Did Ethan like it?