Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Barack Obama, Spinmeister"

Obama obviously beleives the majority of America is stupid and has no capacity for actually listening to what he's saying. The other day on the Michael Medved show (which is one of the most balanced radio talk shows I've heard), they were talking about the interview Sunday night on 60 minutes with the candidates. Obama was questioned about his policies raising taxes. He claimed that 95% of Americans would get a tax break, while only those making above $250,000 would have an increase in taxes (a substantial one at that!). Then he went on to say that the tax break would be given to the small business owners who are more likely to put the money back into the economy. See any problems with that? Small business owners claim their business revenues as part of their own income - what small business makes LESS than $250,000 a year?
For a slightly more in depth look at the lying, two-face, hypocritical, and cowardly acts of Obama you can check out this article titled "Barack Obama, Spinmeister":

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