Saturday, June 11, 2011

In honor of a new season of So You Think You Can Dance?

How can I possibly post all my favorite dances from the past 7 seasons? There isn't enough room, but I'd like to post some of my very faves since this new season is going to kick "A" :)

First, here's the only ballroom dancer to get in this year. Dancing with Pasha (*drool*)

Jeannine and Jason dance a Travis Wall contemporary in season 5

Katee and Joshua from season 4(?) dancing a Samba. This was so the power couple that season (next in line would probably be Mark and Chelsea).

Ellenore and Jakob from season 6 dancing my favorite Sonya routine (Mark and Courtney dancing "The Garden" would be my second fave Sonya routine)

Oh no! I forgot my other favorite Sonya routine! :) Alex and Allison dancing to "Hallelujah" - so beautiful!

Speaking of Alex, how about one of the most surprising hip hop performances ever?! Sorry for the quality, most of the vids had embeding disabled

Kayla and Kupono dancing "Addiction" by the dancing genius that is Mia Michals

Sexiest Argentine Tango and there's only ONE video posted on YouTube and it won't let me embed it. *grrrr* Go check out Lauren and Pasha (oh big surprise) from season 7

The dance that made me fall in love with Mia Michaels. Lacey and Kameron from season 3:

And, how do I choose a Wade Robson routine to share? I don't... I choose a few :)

"Ramalama" from season 2

How do I not include the Hummingbird dance? I think this is season 3

Brandon and Janette dancing to "Ruby Blue". Janette got gipped! She should have made it to semi-finals, at least!

How do you not include one of the very first NappyTap routines? Mark and Chelsea "Bleeding Love"

And I can't resist one more glorious Mark routine - "The Garden" :)

Oh, okay, I could go on and on, but I won't. Must stop watching dance vids... must.... stop :)

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