Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love me some vintage!

I've been searching for a cute swimsuit that is a) one-piece but b) you know, cute (and flattering!). I saw this one on Anthropologie,

but I'm a cheapskate and have a hard time justifying $150 for a swimsuit. So I checked Ebay, looked at Kohls, Walmart... but I was spoiled by having seen this incredible 40's-ish suit at Anthropologie.

So I googled "One piece swimsuit vintage style" and a whole slew of the results came from a website called:

They're mid-high end is the low end of Anthropologie and they have 1 and 2 piece suits that are super cute! They also happen to have casual clothes, prom dresses, wedding dresses, shoes and accessories. The vintage ranges from flapper 20's

to mod 60's,

even up to some rocker 80's.

They're prices seem incredibly reasonable given the product and apparently high quality. All their customer reviews are very high (of course, to a cynic like me I almost wonder if 10- 5star ratings on an item could be legit). Even then. I think I'm going to order this suit:

I'll let you know how my experience is. Oh! IF you do decide to order something through them LOOK AT THEIR SIZING!!! Go by your measurements, NOT your normal size, theirs run extremely small. (Not so good for your ego, but just ignore the number) :)


CharlieJo said...

yay!! glad you found a suit! I hate swimsuit way in H3!! am I wearing a bikini, or paying crazy prices. lol. love the website, I'm sending the link to my sister, she'll be in heaven. :)

Michelle said...

Thats so funny. I found that website last summer and I have been obsessed with it!

Becky said...

You crack me up. Yeah, I hate those size's like they're TRYING to give you a complex!