Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Has it really been a month since my last post? And a movie review

Not that anybody missed me :) I've been so focused on catching up on my hours at work that I've had little time for anything else. Or energy (such as cleaning my bathrooms, putting laundry away (hey, let's face it, we're lucky it gets done)). Anyhow, here's a review at least for what turned out to be a surprisingly good movie:

"Triston + Isolde" - I ignored this when it first came out and quite a while afterwards, assuming it to be a preteen cheesefest of a sappy romance. I'm happy to report I was mistaken.
It's a smartly written romance with characters who do noble and mature things. Yes, they make mistakes, but when faced with the personal consequences, they "man up". I love that the characters aren't black and white ("this is the good guy so everything he does is sympathetic and good, this guy standing in the way of their love is mean therefore making their love affair more justifiable to the audience" you know, that tripe). James Franco, Sophia Myles, and Rufus Sewell bring pathos and reality to their characters. This is supposed to be the legend/story that Romeo and Juliet was based on, though there isn't any definitive version. If you want a good romance, I definitely recommend watching this if you didn't catch it the first time around, or rewatching it if you did.


CharlieJo said...

I always wondered about this movie...good to know. thanks for the review!

Anne said...

I saw that, darn good!