Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Kingkiller Chronicles: Wiseman's Fear" release date FINALLY announced!

Boo-yah! Patrick Rothfuss finally has an official release date to the sequel to his indescribably awesome "The Name of the Wind"! It's kind of far off, so be assured I will remind again as it gets closer :)
MARCH 11, 2011 !!!!!!
*Happy dance* *Happy dance*
Though I'm sure Becky is the only one familiar with this glorious fantasy novel, I'm recommending it to everyone! I lent it to my friend Amaris who is normally not a fantasy kind of gal and she loved it. I'd loan it to you, but my copy has wandered off somewhere and will be in big trouble when it returns. :(
Get it from the library, bookstore, friend, whatever. This book doesn't feel like a fantasy (at least not the bad, easy to make fun of fantasy) It's the best kind of fantasy, where the world feels real, the magic has specific rules that are never broken, and the societies and places feel whole and diverse. Funny, adventuresome, poignant, mysterious... this thing has it all!
Have you ordered it off Amazon yet?


CharlieJo said...

sounds just up my alley. ;) and i'm in need of a new book. I'll check the library and see if they have it asap. thanks for the recommendation! (and I'm planning on coming Wed to check out the workout class--hopefully) hahaha.

Becky McKinnon said...

Did you see (a few months ago, I think) on his blog the pic of his manuscript next to his baby to compare the size? Amazing. I agree that you don't have to be a fantasy reader to enjoy this book. Can't wait to read the March one!

CharlieJo said...

aroura! I heard you were sick, hop you are feeling better. Just wanted to check and see if there is a class tomorrow morning? I assumed they canceled the one on Monday so I didn't go. AND I have the Name of the Wind book! I've read maybe 1 page so far ;) I'll be able to read more tonight.