Monday, September 6, 2010

"Israel vs. Iran vs. Obama" by OSC

One of the most haunting points Card makes is that "After the Holocaust, we said, 'Never again' to genocidal attacks against Jews. Most of us meant it then. I think most Americans mean it now, even if much of Europe has gone back to its ancient habit of blaming Jews for everything. The world is rightfully ashamed of its inaction when Hitler persecuted and then murdered the Jews of Europe. We vowed that we would never stand by and let such a thing happen again. But Obama is poised to do exactly that."
To look at the facts is to see that Israel is not nor has ever been the aggressor. They retaliate when attacked by terrorists for crying out loud - how on Earth is it that anyone can place the blame on them. I think it's because people actually realize that Palestine and Iran are the bad guys but are too cowardly to piss them off. They figure Israel's been the nice one, the one to make concession after concession after concession. Well, if Israel was willing to be the "bigger person" then, perhaps they should be the "bigger person" yet again and just cease to exist. Maybe they can all immigrate to another country and set up shop there. "Because, of course, once Iran has Israel's land they'll be completely satisfied and will leave the rest of us alone. Even if they are nuclear capable, that was only to get back land they think is theirs."
I was unaware (maybe I shouldn't admit this) that the UN voted to recognize Israel as a state. They have every legal (if not ethical!) right to defend their own borders! I like that Card cites historical facts, instead of living in a dream world where things work as we think they should, let's wake up to how things actually work!

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