Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Ender in Exile" Review

Ender in Exile (Ender) Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
True rating would be more like 3 1/2 stars. This is an interesting book in that it isn't one continuous story arc, so to speak, but it felt more like little stories compiled into novel length. I guess if you view it as Ender readjusting to peace time then it could be one story arc. Having said that though, I found all of his stories interesting (sometimes when it went to other characters, I got a little antsy to get back to Ender, but not too bad). The feel of the book was a mix between "Ender's Game" and "Speaker..." through "Children..." - the latter being more philosophical in conversations and internal thoughts. There were some beautiful letters - esp. Ender to his parents - and the true arc (I felt) was at the very end when Ender confronts Bean and Petra's last child that had been thought lost. I love his dialogue, which is always sarcastic and clever, and I love Ender. It may seem that the views on society are a little more heavy handed, and though I think they are a little, one has to be careful in jumping to assumptions about Card's own views based solely on the views of his characters (a lot of them are very much different).

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