Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama's arrogant overriding of the constitution

No, I do not think President Bush was a perfect President, nor do I agree with every decision he made; I do, however think that he was brutilized by the media, who even flat out lied sometimes, and yet, Obama's anti-American-I-wish-we-were-still-ruled-by-Britain attitude and decisions get a free pass. Not that they are endorsed by the media - they're NOT EVEN MENTIONED. I'm an independent pretty much disgusted with the extremist-run parties on both sides. Will America's politicians ever be able to actually do the right thing? Or, heaven forbid, fix some problems at the root cause, instead of sticking a band-aid over it and patting themselves on the back for avoiding the worst-case-scenario?
Orson Scott Card, a moderate Democrat and enthusiastically detailed history buff, wrote this excellent article on Obama's handling of the bombing of Lybia:

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Trisha Morton said...

Ha ha that's funny! I love that you're willing to state your opinion! I got here from racenmommy and have visited your projects a few times in the past. Keep it up!